◆この動画は誹謗中傷、侮辱、名誉毀損を目的として、制作しておりません。使用している素材は「引用」であり 当チャンネルは著作権の侵害を目的として運営はしておりません。 何かございましたら下記のXのDMにてお知らせいただければ迅速に対処、又は、削除致します。













◆YouTube のチャンネル収益化ポリシーについて

◆Channel & Video Theme
・Baseball game highlights and play compilations: Videos compiling highlights and amazing plays from professional and high school baseball games.

・Commentary on famous games and scenes: Videos focusing on specific games or scenes, providing commentary and background information.

・Interesting threads and posts from the なんJ and なんG boards: Videos featuring interesting comments and discussions from bulletin board users in a curated format.

・Player and team features: Videos spotlighting baseball players and teams, introducing their careers and achievements.

・Commentary on news and topical events in the baseball world: Videos discussing news and topical events in the baseball world in detail.

◆Educational Value of Channel & Video
・Understanding baseball rules and tactics: Through these videos, you can learn about the basic rules and tactics of baseball. In particular, videos with commentary help you understand the tactics and intentions behind plays.

・Learning about the history of players and teams: Feature videos on players and teams allow you to learn about their careers and achievements. This deepens your understanding of the history and culture of baseball.

・Understanding the diversity of opinions and debates: Videos summarizing interesting threads and posts from the bulletin boards teach you about the various opinions and perspectives that intersect. This helps you understand the importance of considering diverse perspectives when forming your own opinions.

・Improving critical thinking skills: Watching commentary videos on news and topical events fosters the ability to distinguish between facts and opinions and develops logical thinking skills. It also improves the ability to judge the credibility of information.

・Improving language skills: For those learning Japanese, these videos provide an opportunity to learn actual everyday conversations and slang. Additionally, reading bulletin board posts helps you become familiar with Japanese expressions and phrasings.

◆About the Subtitled Voice
I am creating the videos on my own, but by using a format that simulates multiple people conversing, I aim to prevent the content from becoming monotonous.

◆Regarding YouTube’s Channel Monetization Policy
This video is an original content where I create and read aloud the narration script all by myself.
Moreover, I frequently use cuts and speed adjustments, and employ background music and sound effects to avoid producing monotonous and repetitive content.

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